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5 Reasons why Ireland is the perfect home for your IT Infrastructure

Ireland continues to be the premier location in Europe for hosting, co-location and cloud services – this article explores some of the main reasons for this

t’s no coincidence that some of the world’s leading software and IT infrastructure providers are choosing Ireland as the number one European location to build and extend their data centre footprints. VP of Google EMEA, Ronan Harris, recently described Ireland as ‘The Data Capital of Europe’ and Microsoft has walked the walk with the recent announcement of a $1bn Data Centre expansion plan.

With the Data Centre sector set to continue growing at a phenomenal rate, just what makes Ireland stand out from the crowd? Here are 5 of the key reasons that vendors and clients alike are basing their operations here.

1. Geography

Situated ideally on the west coast of the European continent, Ireland provides the closest connecting point to the U.S., thus providing the lowest latency figures for trans-Atlantic communications. As a result, Dublin has become a hub for connectivity, providing diverse high performance links from the US to Europe and a central presence for all major international carriers.

2. Climate

Ireland’s climate is heavily influenced by the Atlantic Ocean, and in particular the North Atlantic current. As a result, the country experiences significantly fewer weather extremes relative to other countries at similar latitudes with a narrow temperature range from around 6°C in winter to 15°C in summer months. These temperate climate conditions are ideal for reducing costs relating to power consumption, which can ultimately deliver to the bottom line.

3. People

Ireland is a politically stable, democratic, EU member state with a highly educated workforce. As a result of excellent innovation conditions and sustained foreign direct investment, Ireland has retained and attracted a large pool of ICT talent for organisations that work in the tech sector. In addition, following the result of the recent referendum in the UK, Ireland will shortly become the EU’s only country with a native English speaking workforce.

4. Power

Ireland is successfully implementing a programme to replace traditional energy resources with renewable energy production to comply with national strategies, European targets, and the Kyoto protocol. In fact, in the Data Centre sector, some of Ireland’s facilities are already 100% powered from renewable energy sources – a key deciding factor for some clients when all else is equal.

5. Safety in Numbers

Sometimes it’s a great idea to take the lead, break convention or be an early adopter. But this is only true when there is a rationale that ties in with a longer term strategy. Ireland is a proven home for IT and commercial operations for some of the world’s biggest technology companies. If Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, Google, Salesforce, IBM, Facebook and Amazon all agree that Ireland is the ideal location for their data centre operations, why would you disagree?

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