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Take 5 – Five considerations for your Cloud Migration Plans

As cloud adoption has become part and parcel of business IT strategy, questions still remain about the validity of cloud adoption in all cases. In fact, as the discussion about cloud migration has matured, the questions have multiplied. There are few businesses today that are not, at the very least, considering cloud computing. The environment we...
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What’s in a Typo?

At the end of February, an error affecting S3 availability in Amazon’s US-EAST-1 region kicked off a set of events causing disruption in over 150,000 sites and affecting countless businesses. So what happened and why should we be concerned? What’s in a Typo? Amazon’s Bad Day at the Office. On the morning of February 28th,...
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There’s no Denying the DDoS Threat

With the rise of IoT and web-facing applications, the DDoS threat is now one to be taken seriously by any organisation providing online services. Over the past month, I found myself at a number of industry events including the IoT Tech Expo in London and Dublin Tech Summit. The events were pretty thought provoking all...
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Another Cloud Bites the Dust

Cisco joins the list of Public Cloud casualties as the big four continue to exert market dominance The world was hardly shocked by the recent announcement by Cisco that it is to kill its public cloud project, Intercloud, at the end of Q1. Having already seen off the likes of HP and Verizon, the public cloud...
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Burstable Bandwidth and the 95th Percentile – What does it really mean?

Burstable bandwidth can provide real value for some clients, but how does it all work? Every day, the provision of scalable and robust connectivity is becoming more important to the enterprise. Organisations are increasingly adopting cloud technologies such as Salesforce, Amazon Web Services and Office 365, building out IP telephony solutions requiring QoS and in...
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5 Reasons why Ireland is the perfect home for your IT Infrastructure

Ireland continues to be the premier location in Europe for hosting, co-location and cloud services – this article explores some of the main reasons for this t’s no coincidence that some of the world’s leading software and IT infrastructure providers are choosing Ireland as the number one European location to build and extend their data...
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Beyond the Obvious: 5 other key considerations when choosing your Data Centre partner

An alternative view on what companies should look for in a Data Centre partner. There have always been a number of points to think about when migrating your infrastructure to the Data Centre. Security, location, availability and connectivity are usually drivers to migrate in the first place, but let’s face it – if you are...
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