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Cloud Hosting

Servecentric’s multitenant architecture allows our clients to create their own virtual data centre environment, to their own specification. Clients on our private cloud platform benefit from the same accredited and secure processes and levels of service as our colocation clients.

Industry standard tools

We have developed our multitenant platform leveraging Microsoft technology which is widely accepted as the best tool for the job.

Reduced capital outlay

Traditionally, IT projects required new hardware to be bought or existing provisioning expanded. Our virtualisation platform puts an end to this requirement – only pay for what you need, and when you need it.

Incredible service availability

Servecentric’s history of providing high availability solutions is now extended to the virtual platform, which is a key requirement for your online services.

Complementary services

All of our value-add services (including monitoring, server management and data protection) can be applied to your virtual environment in the same manner that they can be applied to colocation environments.

Simplified Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is another significant benefit of virtualisation, and our platform enables clients to test – and if required, seamlessly initiate – Disaster Recovery protocols.

A customisable solution for your business needs

Servecentric’s virtualisation platform uses a range of technologies to allow our clients to commission and configure their own solutions running on resilient hardware in our secure data centre footprints.

Your business can have new virtual servers and network devices provisioned with quick turnarounds allowing you to create your own bespoke required virtual environment. You can choose the configuration of each virtual server, including vCPUs, vRAM and hard disk allocations. We also provide a number of virtual network devices.

Whether the required hosted environment is for a specific project or for more open-ended use, the standard benefits of virtualisation apply – including the absence of capital outlay associated with traditional IT projects.

Enhanced Availability

You can choose to run your live system in your office environment and a disaster recovery instance on our platform, but thanks to improved connectivity services, it is increasingly common to operate in reverse so that the live environment is in our data centre and the secondary instance is at your business premises.

In the event of an issue at your business premises, your staff can continue to work from home (or elsewhere) as the primary instance is still live and unaffected in our data centre footprint.

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Unit 9, Blanchardstown Corporate Park, Dublin 15, D15 CXE2, Ireland

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