Data Protection

Trust Servecentric to back up your data from a range of different sources, and to enable quick and easy restores. We will retain the privacy and integrity of the data which is critical to your business.
Enterprise-level backup software
We have a number of options from which you can choose the most appropriate backup/restore solution for your business.
Safe and secure
Your data will be handled with the same care and attention as your live environment, following our ISO-accredited processes. Our systems operate within our Tier 3 data centre footprint so you are assured of maximum availability.
Guaranteed location
If your data is subject to regulation or needs to be stored within certain jurisdictions, we can assure you of where it will be at all times.
Audit and Compliance
Using our data protection services will help you get to a position where audit and compliance questions are answered with certainty.

Backing up your data and restoring it safely

We have a number of offerings to help you fully mitigate potential data loss. Backing up data on a regular or continuous basis minimises the risk of data loss through any adverse event. However, backups are only useful if they can be effectively and quickly restored to a working state, so data protection should be viewed as a two-stage process - gathering the data at the appropriate time, and being able to put it back in place as required.

Servecentric's experienced engineering team can fully manage your chosen backup policy within your environment housed in the data centre, using an enterprise-level tiered backup infrastructure. All major operating systems and applications are catered for - if you have a bespoke system please discuss it with us and we will determine the best possible solution.

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