Key to any colocation, communications or hosting solution is the ability to successfully monitor availability and performance in real time and act accordingly when things go wrong. Servecentric monitoring solutions give you peace of mind that your solution is in safe hands, 24x7x365.
Agent-free Monitoring
Agent-free monitoring provides basic monitoring services (such as availabililty) for network devices, Windows and Linux servers.
Agent-based monitoring
With agent based monitoring, industry leading agents are deployed on target servers to provide detailed and customised monitor sets. Greater granularity can be achieved through the use of agent-based monitoring.
Application Monitoring
We can provide fully bespoke application monitoring solutions in line with client requirements. This can be provided using a combination of agentless or agent based monitoring solutions.

Constant and reliable monitoring 24x7x365

Servecentric watches over your environment all day, every day – servers, network devices, operating systems and applications. We provide this service using a choice of industry leading monitoring tools.

Our team reacts quickly and effectively to any issues that arise within your data centre environment. This can in many cases prevent issues before they become problematic.  Monitoring and remedial services can be fully customised to your requirements, and can extend to provide 24x7x365 monitoring of your on-premise systems.

Our team monitors your solutions all day, every day, in line with industry best practice. We utilise a selection of both agent-free and agent-based monitoring tools, depending on each client's requirements.

  • Server availability - network connectivity or specific services / ports / protocols
  • Link quality / Packet loss
  • Round Trip time
  • CPU, Hard Disk and Memory utilisation
  • DNS resolution
  • Event Log or Syslog monitoring (and log entry analysis)
  • Application monitoring packs are available for common applications/systems

Bespoke application monitoring can be configured for applications or systems which a client has developed for themselves - as long as we know what parameters to check, we can monitor the system for you.


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