We specialise in offering the most appropriate solution to each client's requirements. Each solution employs a combination of some or all of our individual services to create an overall environment which is technically sound, fulfils the client's current requirements and allows for seamless growth.
We will house your IT equipment and ensure physical security, power availability, environmental controls for temperature and relative humidity
We will facilitate your connection to the internet, whether through our meshed high-availability connectivity, standard connectivity, or direct connection to any of over a dozen internet carriers in our facility
Monitoring & Management
Using proven platforms, we can monitor and report on almost anything. Once we're monitoring, we can optionally manage the server or device on your behalf
Service Desk
Our certified engineers are on-site 24x7x365 and will respond quickly and efficiently to your queries or to any alerts from the monitoring systems. We can also schedule Hands & Eyes tasks either during office hours or out-of-hours.

Partnering with you, our client

Each and every client will have individual priorities and requirements, and with that in mind we take a partnership approach to any new client relationship. We will discuss the available options and possibilities with a client in order to determine the most appropriate solution for their current requirements, with an eye to the requirements that are most likely for the future.

This approach also means that by the time the initial deployment is complete, we have already discussed a number of options for the growth or evolution of the system and agreed a roadmap for progress.

All our services are developed to be compliant with ISO 20000.

It is possible for a solution to combine a number of our services, which allows the client to enjoy the multiple benefits of each individual service.

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