Customer Feedback

Servecentric would like to thank all our customers who recently responded to our customer satisfaction survey (February 2019) to give us some valuable feedback in relation to our services.

It is important to us that we differentiate ourselves as a client-centric data centre operator that displays agility and responsiveness for our customers, and thankfully the feedback supports this view.

Here are some examples of the response statistics (note that just under 80% of respondents have been clients for over 3 years).

The top 3 reasons for choosing to work with Servecentric are location, personalised service and overall cost.

85% of respondents marked 7 or higher in likelihood to recommend Servecentric to a friend or colleague.

92% of respondents stated we meet their needs either extremely well or very well.
Q. How well do our services meet your needs?

70% of respondents rated our value for money as above average or excellent. 0% rated us below average

When we asked about our responsiveness to queries and concerns, here’s what you had to say:

But we don’t just want to be responsive. We want to be proactive. So we asked whether our clients think we adopt a partnership approach in our relationships. 78% either agreed or strongly agreed. 0% disagreed.

Finally, it is only in relation to other Data Centres that we can measure ourselves, so we asked how we compare in terms of overall performance.

With 97% rating us as the about the same, better or much better than the competition, we’re pretty pleased, but we strive to be the best and we’re going to keep improving things to win over the other 3%!

By the way, our favourite comment in the open comments section came from an overseas based equities trading client who simply asked us to “keep it like this!”

Thanks again to all who gave us your time.

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